Air Fresheners


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Air Freshener

A Standard automatic air freshener. allows you to set an spray interval time.


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Programable Air Freshener Dispenser

A fully Programmable Automatic Air Freshener with LCD display. allows you to set a daily on and off time as well as an spray interval time.


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Airoma Air Freshener

Airoma professional automatic Air Freshener system. Click for Info

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Ozone Generator

Ozone generator cleans and rejuvenates the air that we breathe, refreshing the atmosphere and brings outdoor freshness indoors.



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Air Freshener Kits

Automatic Fragrance dispenser kits are available with either a standard dispenser or a programmable dispenser. You have the option of either 4, 8 or 12 refill sprays. To order select the kit you require from the menu below and click add to basket


Automatic Air Freshener Spray

Automatic air freshener fragrance spray for use with Automatic Air Fresheners.


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Airoma Burst

The Airoma Burst fragrancs works to eliminate pungent odours quickly and effectively with just one explosion of fine fragrance. The large nozzle creates a short and powerful burst to fragrance a room instantly.

£ 52.99 Case of 6 x 750ml