Drinking Glass


The manufacturing process of our glassware

Glass manufactured using of a blend of sand, soda, lime and cullet (broken glass). In the furnace, the mixture turns into an incandescent paste which forms the basis of glass.

There are 2 main manufacturing processes.

The Pressed process is where an incandescent droplet of glass falls into a press machine and is formed by the shape of the interior and the exterior mould. The glass goes through a cooling process and is then taken out of the mould. The glass then passes infront of burners that melt any little defects away which gives the glass a smooth and shiny appearance .

The blowing process is where a press gives the droplet of glass a rough shape, it is then placed in a finishing mould where it is blown into its definitive shape, the upper part of the glass is separated by a cutter at a very high temperature.

With both processes the manufacturing ends with the annealing of the glass, this eliminates the internal tensions in the glass thus making it stronger. Drinking glasses can also be toughened to allow them to withstand high thermal and physical shocks.