Fly Killer



Ultrazap Fly Killer

The Ultrazap is a portable electric fly killer with stylish looks and massive high voltage grid. A flykiller suitable for small commercial use.

Ultrazap Flykiller

Illume Fly Killer

The Illumé flying insect control unit has been designed in a timeless art deco style that can be incorporated within any interior décor.

Illume flytrap

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Viper Fly Killer

The Viper range has been designed and built to the highest standards and all units conform to worldwide safety regulations. All models are fitted with the popular 15 watt UVA lamp, which ensures optimum attraction to flying insects.

Viper Flykiller

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Plasma Fly Killer

Vector® Plasma™ has been developed as one of the brightest traps on the market with the quickest catch rate. Customer tolerances for pest problems are diminishing and their demands for immediate results are increasing. Tests show the Vector Plasma has the quickest catch rate than any other fly traps of its kind.

Plasma Flykiller

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Sabre Fly Killer

The Sabre is a uniquely stylish insect control unit suitable for the home, office or restaurant. Utilising the scientifically proven power of ultraviolet light to attract flying insects, the Sabre uses a specially formulated glue board to retain insects for disposal.

Sabre Flytrap

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