Patio Heater

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patio heater

Yardarm Patio Heater

The Yardarm Patio heater is an elegant all-new electric patio heater. The high tech far-infra-red heat lends a sun-kissed warmth and glow to outdoor areas.

£ 131.99 patio heater

patio heater

Dickensian Patio Heater

The Dickensian Patio Heater is designed with safety and reliability in mind. The Patio Heater features an high efficient burner system with 100% safety shut off control and tilt switch.

£ 371.99 patio heater

patio heater

Picnic Patio Heater

The picnic patio heater is an Innovative new design and practical size, ideal for any patio or terrace. Regulator not supplied

£ 167.99 patio heater

patio heater

Professional Patio Heater

The professional patio heater is designed for commercial use with full CE compliance .Regulator not supplied

£227.99 patio heater