Toilet Sanitiser


toilet sanitier

The Quadrasan Toilet sanitiser provides flexible programming options that allow your costs to be fixed and matching sanitiser delivery to location conditions. The Toilet sanitiser incorporates several unique features for ease of servicing and optimum performance. you can select number of refills between 6 and 12 per year. Automatic system re-set on refill replacement. The toilet sanitiser allows the facility to program up to 3 periods per day of enhanced sanitiser delivery.

The Quadrasan toilet sanitiser is designed for use with the Quadrasan Refills

toilet sanitiser

Dimensions (241mm high x 129mm wide x 95mm deep)
3000 metered doses per refill
Up to 3 years battery life
Operates on 2 x 'D' cell batteries
Top hinged for easy servicing
99.9% bacteria / germ kill
sanitiser sanitiser